HPG H160 Helicopter Announced

Our team at Hype Performance Group (HPG), a leading innovator in the world of flight simulation, is thrilled to announce that the HPG H160 helicopter will be the next in our series of immersive helicopter simulations released for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
This groundbreaking aircraft will be available exclusively via our website www.HypePerformanceGroup.com on Friday, October 27th, 2023 at a cost of $49.99 USD for a package that contains both Civilian and Luxury variants of the HPG H160. 
An Action Pack expansion similar to that offered for our HPG H145 will be released at a later date containing additional variants of the HPG H160 with these variants focused on giving simmers exciting and technology advanced aircraft to pilot and complete missions around the world in Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Simmers who have enjoyed the HPG H145 will feel at home in the H160 due to many shared features and characteristics. The H160 offers new exciting features such as automatic takeoff modes for both vertical and reward takeoff assistance, as well as higher cruise speeds, longer range and much more passenger and crew capacity. 
An announcement trailer for the HPG H160 has been released on YouTube and more details about the H160's specific features along with more photos can be found on the product page on our website
Previews from content creators around the Microsoft Flight Simulator community are expected to begin hitting YouTube, Twitch and social media sites this upcoming weekend.