HPG H145 & H145 Action Pack FAQs


How do I install addons for MFS? Where is my community folder?

This YouTube video from Kip on the Ground covers the installation process of addons for MFS and can help you find your community folder if you aren't aware of it's location.



Is Airland FS supported for the H145?

AirlandFS is optional but supported with H145. A profile is included for each variant, make sure to select airlandfs_H145.cfg within Airland. 

Known AirlandFS issues: AFCS/AP is not compatible with the current latest Airland build. Don't engage the AP UPPER MODES, but the systems may stay on. - Set CG to 14.80%



How do I fire weapons or release water from the bambi?


"Can I bind a hotkey for ___?"

Yes, Check the user guide for instructions on how to use ConfigTool to assign any binding in H145.



My avionics are black inside the Action Pack variants.

You have a base pack and action pack installed that are not the same version number. The steps to fix this issue are below:

Delete the hpg-airbus-h145 and hpg-airbus-h145-ap folders, DO NOT delete the hpg-airbus-h145-usersetup folder if it exists. 

Visit the HPG H145 Action Pack download center and download the same version of both the base pack and action pack and install these into your community folder as usual.



My Action Pack license key says it is invalid.

The Action Pack is only an expansion, you must purchase, install and activate the a Base Pack variant before an Action Pack variant will successfully activate. The steps to fix this issue are below:

  • Follow the previously provided installation instructions
  • Start Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Start a flight with the ACH145 VIP Transport variant of the H145
  • Activate the ACH145 VIP Transport variant of the H145 via the EFB tablet
  • Return to the main menu after successful activation
  • Exit the sim to save your activation
  • Start Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Start a flight with the H145 HEMS variant of the H145
  • Activate the H145 HEMS variant of the H145 via the EFB tablet
  • Return to the main menu after successful activation
  • Exit the sim to save your activation
  • Start Microsoft Flight Simulator and enjoy your new aircraft


How do I start firefighting missions?

  • Load H145 firefighter and put it on the runway or at a gate, open the tablet up.
  • Load up Scenario Editor. you won't see a red "Server Offline" in the top right corner, but if you do, that's a problem.
  • Click Connected Aircraft at the top in Scenario Editor. this page shows all the connected clients (just you but you can connect/reconnect and also in theory add your friends though it requires some network setup right now)
  • Now, in the H145, open the Missions app (it's a blue icon now but still has the same controls as the Maps app). Click the MISSION MENU and then click Connect to Scenario Editor (local).
  • Back in Scenario Editor, you should see a line added to the Connected Aircraft table, and it'll show your livery and such. Now you are connected to the app and you can build a scenario.
  • Back on the Scenario page in Scenario Editor, click Edit, and then click Start adding Objects. The box below controls the object type (currently a small fire, a swimming pool or a firefighting portable pool). For starting off I would just pick a place near MSFS water sources (all oceans, lakes, rivers that look like water will work) and places a couple fires close to each other, and then you can press Apply Changes
  • In the H145 cockpit, when you pressed Apply Changes, you should see the mission app objective list reload and then say "Begin Firefighting".
  • Now you're ready to go. The bambi is attached by default so you can fly to a nearby water source and pick up a load. The hotkey to dump the bucket is the same as the H145M Weapons Primary Fire, so bind that to make things easy