Our H145 Helicopter - Luxury & Civilian Variants are available for download now! Our H145 Helicopter - Luxury & Civilian Variants are available for download now!
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H145 Helicopter - Beta #5 Update Now Available For Download

H145 Helicopter - Beta #5 Update Now Available For Download

H145 Beta 5 is now live. Check your email or go directly to H145 Download Center.

Here is the full changelog:

New Sounds
- Power-Split (takeoff with one engine only, or fail engine in flight)
- Passenger doors
- Rotor brake
- ELT activation
- Pax vent blower
- Snow
- Dawn
- Floating on water

New Apps
- METAR lookup app
- Documents app replaces Charts app
- EFB Connect - Streaming Web Browser / Watch youtube etc (half screen + maps or full screen)
- Flappy bird game
- LittleNavMap (run Webserver in LNM app)
- Navigraph charts
- Alarms & Timers
- Activity Log

- Added many new status indications to the tablet, including doors-open
- Added ability to configure fuel units, temperature units
- Added many new L:Vars and H:Events for home cockpit
- User may add unlimited PNG/JPG documents
- Add a Realism Level switch to disable VRS and rotor over/underspeed (advanced rotor dynamics)
- Flight Model: Add Vortex Ring State simulation
- Added the ability to do doors-off flight
- Added Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
- Tablet battery will discharge based on DC RECEPT + main aircraft battery (plugged in)
- Flight model: adjusted rotor inertia
- Flight model: Autorotation is enabled again with a new simulation
- ELT will now activate with very hard landings
- Cockpit displays are photo-sensitive reducing the need for adjusting the master brightness
- Fuel flow sensor is now optional equipment
- You may now set weight and fuel from within the cockpit

- Fixes for tablet wallpaper being black
- Fixes to the FND and VMS rotor gauge visuals, including the extended danger rings
- Engines will indicate IDLE until they accelerate to a suitable rpm for flight
- Fix a bug where toggling the HTAWS switch would trigger the power on sequence display for the MFDs
- Fix delayed wind speed indicator
- Updated sounds for engine fire test
- Fixes to engine sounds
- Fixed bugs in FADEC logic preventing taking engines to IDLE in flight
- Floats will now add flight model drag
- Key binding added for fill floats
- Fix default 2d/VR cameras (divergence, tilt down 2d view)
- Fix bugs with message list flashing
- Combined various functions in tablet action center
- Make it easier to activate the front cockpit light by clicking it direct
- Reduce screen bounce light and cockpit ambient light
- Fix bug allowing use of AP without relevant systems available
- Fix sound phasing between doors
- AFCS modes flash now when moving to a degraded state
- N2 and NR metrics adjusted
- Rotor startup timing adjusted
- Fixed cockpit rear spotlight not emitting light
- Air Conditioning feature is limited to lux variant
- Fix decals on cockpit doors
- Fix rain/windshield flickering
- Fixed some metrics on NAVD page

H145 Military Variant - Development Update

H145 Military Variant - Development Update

Work on our H145 Military Variant is progressing at a great pace with much of our modeling and texture work now completed!


The team is now focused on polishing up some final details and completing the unique animations we've created for the aircraft and the custom pilots & soldiers that we showed off in our last update video - https://youtu.be/d6pSJmgsA5A


In the cockpit area you can see we've added an additional display that we are still completing R&D on so its functionality is currently CLASSIFIED, but we have many fun ideas about how simmers can use this equipment.


We've provided a small peek at the rear interior area where you can see there's a different seating style and layout for the military variant as well as some cargo hanging around - maybe our friends at NeoFly can provide some military oriented transport missions?


H145 Download Center Released For Development & Stable Builds

H145 Download Center Released For Development & Stable Builds

Where is the H145 Download Center?


Go to any Hype Performance Group Downloads email, then follow the link which shows your license key and download, click download. You'll end up at a page called H145 Download Center. Both the stable and development builds are available here. You will only get email notifications for the stable releases - for development builds we highly recommend joining our Discord server to see the changelog in advance of your downloads.


Use this link if you need to have a link to the download center sent to you, this will only work if you enter your email address that was used to register and purchase your H145.