HPG & Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024


Like the rest of the flight sim community, our team was surprised by the announcement of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

Many of the activities shown in MFS 2024's announcement trailer are available today in current HPG products like our H145 Action Pack or our Hot Air Balloon.

While our team had no involvement with any aircraft shown in the trailer, we do maintain a healthy relationship with key members of the Microsoft Flight Simulator team and we are optimistic about the potential of MFS 2024.

Much of the publicly available information about MFS 2024 comes from the FAQ posted by the MFS team following Sunday's announcement. Based off the information currently available, HPG has the following comments:


  • Current HPG aircraft for MFS 2020 will also be compatible with MFS 2024


  • Current HPG aircraft that have been purchased for MFS 2020 will not need to be repurchased for MFS 2024


  • HPG will support both MFS 2020 and MFS 2024 as long as reasonably possible


  • HPG sees the new simulator as an opportunity to continue developing products that push the boundaries of what is possible in flight simulation with leading class quality and innovation


We hope that our current and future supporters take comfort in the above comments and don't feel the need to boycott addon purchases from our team, or the greater developer community.

As flight sim developers, we pour our passion, creativity, and countless hours into crafting immersive experiences that transport you to the skies. The impact of boycotts can potentially push your favorite developers into financial instability and even the risk of closure.

We ask for your support during this period of uncertainty and encourage open dialogue to help us all prepare for the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

As always, thank you for your support - without it, there is no HPG.