HPG H145 Helicopter - Version 1.0 Released

We have officially released all of the promised HPG H145 variants and are happy to announce the HPG H145 helicopters are all now at version 1.0!

After just over 18 months of development we are very pleased with the breadth of the product and the overall fidelity, as well as the built-in activities and functions. We are now waiting for SU11 and development will nonetheless continue. We are also beginning to prepare for our next helicopter.

Base Pack Updates:

  • Hype Radio is now available
  • Bugfixes

Action Pack Updates:

  • Launch of Offshore and Cargo variants!
  • Hoisting to moving targets
  • 4 New liveries - realistic worldwide operators
  • Included missions, functional cargo hook, audio guidance, sinking boats and much more!

We’ve also released a new trailer for the Offshore and Coast Guard variants! Show the video some love and share it with a friend!