HPG H145 Helicopter - Version 0.96 Now Available For Download

 Thank you to Pops738 from our Discord server for this beautiful photo!

H145 Base Pack & Action Pack have been updated to reached version 0.96 (Previously Development Build 336).
We have been busy fixing bugs, adding features, finishing documentation and extending the mission system. You will find an upgraded flight model, a failure and damage model for the aircraft, various new settings and refinements to all variants. This version also includes additional compatibility fixes now that the SU10 dust has settled.

New Features
  • Detailed aircraft failure & damage model
  • Completed Missions can now be logged to Hype Online
  • Add a simple helipad-to-helipad transport mission for Lux and Civil variants
  • Add a simple transport template to Scenario Editor for Lux/Civil and Military variants
  • Firefighter: Add Helitorch attachment
  • HEMS: Add hospital transfer mission (replaces the hospital icon mission which is available in the Library)
  • Add a Nearby Golf Course accident mission (HEMS), Add a golf cart prop to Scenario Editor
  • Add a Nearby Farm yard accident mission (HEMS), Add a tractor prop to Scenario Editor
  • Add camping tent prop to Scenario Editor and Nearby Mountain Rescue mission
  • Add Nearby Mountain Rescue mission
  • Add many new props for mission scenarios
  • Various integrations have been fixed
  • Documentation is complete for 1.0 release

Flight Model Changes
  • Adjust hover turbulence (increase)
  • GTC.H hands-on is a little more tame making for easier repositioning
  • Inverted flight will result in rapid rotor rpm decay
  • Add Rotor Torque on/off option for Arcade mode
  • Add VRS on/off option for Realistic mode
  • Inverted flight now results in rotor overspeed instead of underspeed
  • Flight Model: AFCS OFF will no longer do turn coordination
  • Flight Model: Adjust arcade mode to not have the new hover domain effects
  • Flight Model: Add a weathervaning tendency (reminder on aircraft limits: do not exceed 30kt crosswind to avoid loss of TR authority)
  • Adjust Ground Effect smoothing time
  • Adjust hover exit forces
  • VRS: model now accounts for power-on-autorotation (power must be 25-100% to encounter VRS)
  • Flight Model: Add a swinging pendulum effect / replace previous logic
  • Flight Model/AFCS: ATT Follow-Up is now Only Cruise by default, use Only Hover and CYCLIC TRIM RELEASE for the most realistic behavior


Plus a huge list of bugfixes and more detail in the FULL CHANGELOG included in the H145 User Guide.