HPG H145 Helicopter - Developer Build #330 Now Available For Download

Updates for the HPG H145 Base Pack, Action Pack and Scenario Editor for  are available in the H145 Download Center.

Please note you did not receive an email because these are development build updates. We will occasionally post these development build updates to social media when we believe there’s enough content to warrant a post, but you will only receive emails when we push a “stable update” - IE: version update vs a development build update.

You can check the download center link at any time to see what the latest stable and development builds available are, if you want to receive a notification for every development build update you can do so via our Discord server.


Base Pack/Action Pack 330 Updates
- Fix several bugs with base pack missions
- Fix some bugs with object creation
- Add 8 standing civilians
- Add campfire prop (with and without fire)
- Enlarge tent prop
- Add lights to police car prop
- Boost lights on fire engine and ambulance props
- Add a yellow and blue fire engine livery
- Fix flickering decals on fire engine / make decals properly transparent
- Add Helitorch, Bambi bucket, Firehose, Water cans as props
- Add luggage from luxury cargo area as a prop
- Add tank prop, military green [fire]truck and destroyed truck liveries
- Add shipping container prop
- Add a tow truck prop
- Add soldier prop
- Add garbage truck, dump truck, payloader props
- Add two military tents, gas tank, guard tower, mobile satellite dish
- add truck trailer, tanker trailer, humvee, water tank
- add SUV, luxury sports car

Scenario Editor 1.0.11 Updates
- Add var2 states for some objects
- fix a bug with setting VAR1 when objects were created as deferred creation type
- Expand object selection pane