HPG H145 Helicopter - Developer Build #287 Now Available For Download

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H145 Base Pack Updates

  • Tail Boom camera is now available for all variants. The camera is mounted below the tail and has a view or the rear of the helicopter and is used to ensure a safe landing site and attain some rearward visibility. Use the MISC page on the center or copilot MFD to activate the camera display.

H145 Action Pack Updates

  • HEMS: Hospitals are now identified and are configured worldwide as starting points for road accident missions. Fly to any indicated hospital on the mission map (blue cross icon). Simply land and follow the instructions. You will be directed to an accident site and may choose to execute an offsite landing or use hoisting to recover the injured patient. The patient will be transferred to a nearby hospital based on distance.
  • FIRE: CALFIRE Hollywood Hills fire mission is added
  • FIRE: CALFIRE Golden State Highway fire mission is added
  • Missions: Mission developers may now define a natural start point for their mission. This will be displayed on the mission map with an icon of their choosing, and the user may start this mission by landing nearby and placing engines to IDLE.
  • Missions: Missions may now use data queries to create locations and to define mission start points.
  • Missions: A setting has been added to suppress smoke flares for more realism
  • Missions: Mission app map - many enhancements including showing the helicopter icon with rotation when in North-Up undocked view.
  • Missions: Developers now have more tools for presentation including scoring boxes at the bottom of the view and prompting the user with a message with options
  • Scenario Editor now supports HEMS and Firefighting mission creation
  • All scenarios are now saved and the option to EXPORT to MSFS enables using scenarios without needing any external app, and also sharing your created scenarios and later re-exporting them with an updated scenario template.
  • Object definitions, Scenario Templates, and Queries are all sourced from addons with the Community folder, enabling third parties to provide objects and scenarios available for the user to plan and export
  • Third party objects are now supported (with an example object)
  • Scenario Editor now supports placing objects at a static location, or defining zones where the object will be created. Zones behavior can be random or driven by data queries.
  • Scenario Editor now has a satellite view in addition to a map view.

NOTE 1: There is an additional patch you can install to fix a bug with firefighting zones not working: See here: https://discord.com/channels/426503612819046401/847608405609938994/990387746650611722

NOTE 2: Top Gun Maverick is required to see the High quality smoke (for now)

NOTE 3: Start accidents anywhere (the hospital mission but without the need to land at a hospital to get an accident assigned) mission file: https://discord.com/channels/426503612819046401/847608405609938994/990360148071551036