HPG H145 Helicopter - Beta #9 Update Now Available For Download

We are happy to announce that the H145M is now available! Beta 9 includes all 3 variants in one package. All downloads available at H145 Download Center.

Since beta 8 we have been almost exclusively focused on the H145M and included launchable rockets. You will find the aircraft systems and flight dynamics almost identical to beta 8, but the new H145M variant has been added and the Luxury and Civilian models have been refreshed with unified texture updates.

Please note: Existing civilian liveries need to be updated (texture.cfg, no paint changes), or pink/purple textures will be seen. See the User Guide for how to edit the texture.cfg and fix a livery before the author does an update.


  • Launch H145M (H145 Military variant) with new visual effects
  • Variant includes custom body with new details (SATCOM radio antenna etc.)
  • Functional FZ275 LGR rockets (unguided targeting only) (rocket pods optional in tablet). Rockets have a launch effect as well as impact explosion and subsequent fire and damage to the ground.
  • 3 soldiers visible when passenger doors open (configurable on tablet)
  • Front camera/sensor is on automatic sweep while flying
  • Camera display is currently inoperative (later this will do something, but no camera support in MSFS right now)
  • Countermeasures (flares) dispensers are currently inoperative
  • Upgraded rotor textures and rotor blur
  • Add fabric glare shields
  • Fix IBF (engine filters) not clogging when flying very low over sand/dirt
  • Fix retreating blade stall triggering too soon
  • Cyclic and Collective beep trim can be pressed concurrently now
  • Handle VS commands/bindings from MSFS
  • Add preliminary Weight & Performance metrics
  • Fix parking brake option not persisting
  • Add L:Vars for Warning Unit, MFD navigation source index and the currently coupled AP navigation source index
  • Fixed bugs with glass showing through the rotor texture