HPG H145 Helicopter - Beta #8 Update Now Available For Download

We are pleased to announce Beta 8 for the HPG H145 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available!

Beta 8 is a massive upgrade bringing the new AFCS (autopilot with approach modes, new control methods), an updated model with new rotor blur, more sounds, traffic alerts, avionics updates, performance work and much more! We are also including an AirlandFS profile for those who would like to use AirlandFS, an alternate flight dynamics engine with H145.

There are many new changes, it is highly encouraged to read the user guide, especially the Auto flight control system section. With the new complexity in the AP, there are also more control bindings and options for those with different types of controllers.

Photo is courtesy of Fachri from our Discord server, thanks again to everyone who showed up to Sunday’s group flight 😎

Full (still condensed) changelog below:

- New AFCS with all modes (VS, TRK, FPA, GS, APP, V.APP)
- Upgrade rotor blur textures
- Upgrade tablet model
- Flight Model: changes to drag model
- Flight Model: Reduce TR authority over 30kts
- Flight Model: NR will now droop without sufficient N1
- Flight Model: TRQ, N1, TOT calculation changes
- Add PULL UP/TERRAIN indication on FND
- ACAS FAIL and HTAWS FAIL when no power to AVIO 2
- Add CHK VNE indication (avionics bus not powered / amc not powered)
- Add MSG indication (GTN750 MSG function)
- Reduce rotor downwash effects a bit
- Add OEI HI/LO functions and graphics, FADEC limits respected
- Add ATT hover-domain fly-through follow-up trim
- Fix problems relating to pausing the game
- Add PLAN (PLN) mode to NAVD and DMAP (north-up)
- DME Hold is now operative
- Add an option to switch between SIM TIME and PC TIME reference for tablet clock and alarms
- Fix maps or SVS not always loading (map limit exceeded)
- Tablet Aircraft Setup page settings now persisted in STATE.cfg
- Nav sources must not be coupled to a specific MFD or the AP will disconnect after 10s
- Add realistic trim release for cyclic and collective controls
- Many performance improvements
- Advanced/Basic/Xbox is replaced with Realistic/Arcade + sensitivity slider
- Add a cyclic sensitivity slider
- Add Flight Path Vector to SVS
- S/L can now steer left and right as well as up and down
- Add engine emissive texture
- Fixes for saitek panels
- Add many more L:Vars and H:Events
- Adjust display brightness
- Warning sounds now play in exterior views
- Add ConfigTool to view and modify key bindings
- Fix rain drops and sounds not being synchronized
- Tablet beep trim functions now have labels
- Customizable Direction Finder hardware + app installed
- Online Weather on DMAP and MapsApp is now updated every 5 minutes
- Builds no longer expire
- ACAS, HTAWS, IBF can now be uninstalled
- IBF now persisted / settable from tablet app
- Show parking brake option is now off by default (persisted, tablet options page to enable)
- Doors may now be jettisoned
- Fixes to MGB pressure/temperature simulation
- Show pilot in external views option added (Manual (click belt) | Always (default))
- Tablet: Move Doors to action center / split Equipment and Options pages in Setup app
- ACAS traffic Alerts (1000m proximity, ABV/LVL/BLW).
- SVS now depends on AVIO 2 and will show an amber SVS if AVIO 2 is not switched on
- Add fuel LOW text on FND fuel gauge
- Add terrain/weather/airplane graphic on NAVD and DMAP
- Changes to WXR test pattern and test graphic display, display background lines