HPG H145 Helicopter - Beta #10 Update Now Available For Download

We are pleased to announce that beta 10 is now available!

(Proceed to the H145 Download Center for downloads)

Key changes from beta 9 include brand new rotor downwash effects for dirt/sand/snow/water, additional weapons for H145M, improved rocket launch accuracy for H145M, avionics usability tweaks, flight model and systems improvements for both realism and responding to feedback about increased difficulty hovering.

See the full changelog below:

- Additional Sim Update 8 Compatibility fixes
- Add a master arm button, and message list. Weapons are armed when starting on the runway
- Altitude indicator visual fixes
- Add dirt and snow rotor downwash effects
- Reduce downwash effects with ambient precipitation
- N2/NR smooth transition 55-70-120kias (corrected logic)
- Flight model: Reduce power when banking
- Add a minigun to H145M variant
- Minigun and Rockets may be selected for left and right weapon pods (on tablet action center)
- Add a secondary fire command (Set Yaw Damper) which will either launch 2 rockets at once or operate the left weapon pod
- Update AirlandFS profile (reduce wagging at higher speeds)
- Flight model: Fixes to Weight and DA simulation
- Flight model: reduce stability in hover
- Flight model: improve light-on-skids behavior
- Collective axis precision is increased (no longer using the top 20%, which was only used to exceed aircraft limits previously)
- Add new rotor downwash effects that are responsive to rotor torque
- Tweaks to rocket smoke and launch fire effects
- Add a floats splashing down effect (and a small floats inflating dust effect)
- Add a new setting (Tablet aircraft options) to choose whether the rotor casts a shadow (creates flicker)
- Add a clickspot in the open door to make closing cockpit doors easier in VR
- Middle (pax) doors may be closed by clicking the pillar just aft of the respective door
- Update rocket smoke effect
- Add rocket fire effect
- Add skid strut cap removal for livery authors to H145M
- Wind indication fixed when in PLN mode on NAVD and DMAP pages
- Change hotkey to fire rockets to Toggle Yaw Damper instead of Toggle GPS Drives NAV1 to avoid conflicts
- Avoid caching wallpapers to prevent any confusion
- Speed up sluggish altitude and TRQ parameters
- Add a Cleanup button on the tablet to clear all outstanding rockets
- Add a Reload button to the tablet (same as clicking on the ammo box)
- Add H:Events for toggling cockpit overhead lights, cleanup rockets, weapon pod types
- Rockets are now correctly fired from the pods at all orientations (not on ground)
- Tune rocket impact smoke performance
- Increase size of rocket impact mark
- Add ground power unit to all variants