HPG H145 Helicopter - Version 2.0 Released

We are happy to announce that after 6 months in development and testing that we've updated our HPG H145 helicopter to 2.0! 

This update comes with many new features, refinements and bug fixes - but most importantly our H145 now takes advantage of the native helicopter flight model implemented by Asobo in Sim Update 11 while also maintaining our custom stability and autopilot features that are found in the real world H145.

We recommend all users who are updating to 2.0, or trying the H145 for the first time read our online documentation. This is a very advanced helicopter and our development team has put together a lot of useful notes to help users get started.

A small selection of what is included in this update is provided below:

  • Native Asobo CFD Flight Model (realistic with the AFCS both OFF and ON)
  • Native AFCS with realistic trim and parallel actuator simulation
  • New control settings for a wide range of input hardware
  • Updated aircraft sounds
  • New full screen mission app
  • Added Aerosoft North Sea Landmarks - HEMS Medevac Missions (requires third party Aerosoft North Sea Landmarks scenery)
  • POI databases (hospitals, helipads, MSFS world update POIs) on NAVD/DMAP page and the mission app map
  • Forward-Looking HTAWS aural and built-in HAT (height above terrain database) at the correct increments and colors
  • FlightControlReplay partner integration - for flight recording and playback - watch for future growth with this integration
  • DMAP/NAVD map background and foreground layer selection
  • Mission System features for higher fidelity missions (briefings, object management)
  • Hype Radio app to listen to internet radio stations nearby to your sim location
  • Hype Live Map with POIs and other live H145 players
  • Bugfixes and general improvements