HPG 747 SuperTanker - Public Statement

Effective immediately we are confirming the end of development and support for the HPG 747 SuperTanker. We will be proactively processing refunds for all owners of the SuperTanker and will have all refunds completed by August 1st, 2023.


Global Supertanker Aviation is the owner of the SUPERTANKER and GLOBALSUPERTANKER trademarks. The HPG 747 SuperTanker was developed without the knowledge or permission of GSA and the HPG 747 SuperTanker product has no affiliation with GSA. Notice is provided to all HPG 747 SuperTanker users that continued use of the software is unauthorized and violates trademark laws.


This matter has been resolved amicably between HPG and GSA and our teams remain open to potentially collaborating on a project in the future with legal and authorized licensing.