H145 Helicopter - Beta Release # 3 This Weekend

The H145 Civilian Variant will release this weekend as part of our Early Access Update # 3 build!
We're giving you the full changelog below so you know what to expect from the update - but we also have a video coming tomorrow morning covering some of the biggest features, and the first look at our H145 Military Variant inside of  Microsoft Flight Simulator!
Early Access Update # 3 - New Features:
- Civilian Variant is added in addition to the previously launched Luxury Variant. Both
aircraft and their liveries are selectable in the main menu
- 4 new liveries added for Civilian Variant
- Civilian Variant has a unique interior as well as new exterior skids, a configurable
radome and wire strike and skid settling protection, updated details on both interior and
- Skid Settling Protectors are now available (civil variant only)
- Wire strike protection, skid settling protection and radome are now configurable using
the tablet, as well as the livery author setting a default option using the livery json
- Weather Radar panel on center console will be visible only when radome is installed
- Paint kit is updated with the addition of civil body
- Compatible with Sim Update 6
- Tablet now has a maps app which can display OpenStreetMap compatible xyz tile maps.
Includes zoom and NorthUp/TrackUp views as well as a numeric heading value
- Tablet aircraft app now has a doors section to view status of and to operate individual
doors (this is now the only way to operate the cargo doors)
- DMAP page is now available on the MFDs (also OpenStreetMap data)
- Home Cockpit support with many new L: vars and H: events
- Activation is now completed one-time using the in-game tablet, and ActivatorApp.exe
has been removed (make sure to exit the sim by going back to main menu and quitting
from the button instead of the ‘window X button’)
- Middle (passenger sliding) door handles may now be clicked to open/close. Sounds are
- Added new interior details like fire extinguisher and ELT box
- Added a Neofly Neopad app to the tablet, available only when NeoFly Neopad is
installed in the Community folder
- Added quick Autopilot controls to the tablet (click the title bar, the top of the tablet).
Includes BEEP TRIM and mode selection
- Added quick Lights controls to the tablet (click the title bar, the top of the tablet)
- Added rotor blade flap during flight
- Added an aural (HTAWS) 100 FEET when descending through 100 feet radio.
- Added an aural MAXIMUM SPEED when accelerating past VNe (velocity never-exceed
- Added an aural (HTAWS) SINK RATE when descending at a rate which would cause an
impact with the ground in less than 2 seconds
- Rotor blades will bend up when in flight under load
- Added tablet EPU status icon and moved EPU actions to action center (click title bar)
- Starting in the air is now possible. (It is now supported to start on the ramp/gate, on the
runway, or already in the air)
- Updated sounds for Low Rotor Rpm and High Rotor Rpm
- Cruise Height bug is now controlled by CYCLIC BEEP TRIM up and down (when
- Updated the text on the GTN750 displays to indicate that pms50 GTN750 needs to be
- Updated text on the CARLS tactical radio indicating it is inoperative (no function is
assigned currently to this device)
- Updated text for Loading H145 Software on all MFDs and tablet (superscending NO
FLIGHT on the tablet clock)
- Updated text for Activation on all MFDs and tablet
- Rotor Brake lever is now operative however it does not yet slow the rotor nor have the
correct sounds
- Fixed strobe and beacon light flash being visible on cockpit instruments
- Changes to flight model to improve performance at high altitude
- Changes to flight model to improve top speed during cruise
- Vertical Speed digital/numeric indication is fixed to move with the needle and appear on
the side which the VS trend is occurring