H145 Helicopter - Beta #7 Update Now Available For Download

H145 Beta 7 is now available!

We've been busy this past week adding rotor downwash effects (dust, dirt/sand, water and snow), doing even more performance work, adding new visual effects, added infinite key bindings, resolving an important bug with the flight model relating to your sim fps and much more. We've also heard your feedback and due to the aggressive icing model in the sim, we've added an anti-ice system to the DEFOG knob.

Full changelog is included below:

- Add rotor downwash effects
- Enable livery authors to select skid struct caps on/off (on by default, no user option)
- Various performance improvements for low end machines
- Fix flight model, rotor animation, N2/NR acceleration and strobe/beacon lights to not be connected to sim fps
- VNE and VY are now corrected calculated and presented on the airspeed tape
- Changes to basic weight of lux and civil variants
- Rework most built-in bindings to use H:Events
- Switch away from /Held/ bindings (Engine Up/Down) to avoid key repeat
- Slightly reduce engine starter .wav sound
- Adjust VMS WEIGHT page knob increment (100kg large, 5kg small)
- Fix for excessive engine N1 / hot starts
- Add weight stations for civil variant (3+2+3 pax + 2 crew = 10 total)
- Add MFD bounce light
- Reduce drag just a bit as both variants are very quick now
- Maximum speed aural based on IAS now
- Added a key bindings system to UserSetup to define any H145 bindings without additional software
- Added an anti-icing system to DEFOG
- Fix inverted EMER SHED BUS