Airbus H135 v1.4 is now up on

Hi everyone! Airbus H135 v1.4 is now up on! If you haven’t already, please give us a 5 star review!


In our screenshots you can see that the H135 now has an EFB that is capable of displaying a web browser or a screen capture from one of your computer's displays.

This feature requires a bit of advanced setup and we want to walk users through the process as well as take your feedback - the files necessary to run the EFB are exclusive to our Discord members for this reason.

You can join our Discord channel at


Airbus H135 v1.4 changelog:


  • NEW ROTOR. Featuring: blade bending effects when at rest and under load in the air, trim tabs, updated blurred effects.
  • Rotor will now spin more smoothly in flight and slowly at max speed.
  • The pms50 GTN750 will now be automatically loaded on the lower 2 screens if installed.
  • Flight model: RBS (retreating blade stall, experienced when overspeeding) is now only on Advanced mode
  • Flight model: Increase pedal authority for Basic/Xbox flight modes
  • Flight model: Fixes for stuttering/bad performance
  • Flight model: Autorotation changes around looking at N2
  • Flight model: reduce yaw kick at lower speeds
  • Increase the size of the clock on the FND page
  • Update thumbnails for default liveries
  • Updates to default liveries


Photo Credit: AndreasR


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