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Airbus H135 v1.0 is now up on Flightsim.to

Airbus H135 v1.0 is now up on Flightsim.to

Hi everyone! Airbus H135 v1.0 is now up on Flightsim.to! If you haven’t already, please give us a 5 star review!

In our screenshots you can see that the H135 now has an EFB that is capable of displaying a web browser or a screen capture from one of your computer's displays.

This feature requires a bit of advanced setup and we want to walk users through the process as well as take your feedback - the files necessary to run the EFB are exclusive to our Discord members for this reason.

You can join our Discord channel at https://discord.gg/dUNDGb2Z7c

Full 1.0 changelog below:

- Fixes for SU4: Contact points were causing crashing, skids will be sunk while we work this out
- Fixes for SU4: ALT works fine again
- AFCS: Changed to represent the real H135
- AFCS: Many changes to prevent jerky control
- AFCS: ALT and HDG modes will always acquire the current reference when engaging
- FLIGHT MODE and APCP are no longer coupled. Use your preferred mode (L1-L3) and the systems will work identically.
- Added BEEP TRIM (see hotkeys)
- GTC.H will now hold heading
- Updated sounds
- Do not exceed ENG TRQ value of 130% or you will get an ENG CHIP message. Land Immediately and clear the message using FUZZ BURN.
- You may now click the interior FRONT door handles to open/close the doors (in addition to the front struts)
- Fuel gauge levels will now show RED when very low
- new messages on the message list that are yellow or red will have a GONG sound
- FND adjusted to more accurately reflect H135
- TRIM RELEASE binding added (momentary/hold switch, optional to use instaed of AUTOPILOT MASTER binding)
- Remove TORQUE and ROTOR trim - these are not realistic features and have been replaced by AFCS modes
- Remove AP page from tablet
- ALT and HDG "knobs" are now on the APCP (between the seats) (or better: use beep trim)
- OBS1 and OBS2 softkeys are now on the FND page, once the bearing has been selected
- Added ALT button and green ON emissive to APCP (use this to toggle ALT)
- Adjust VMS dial needles / ranges
- CPL/DCPL now engages/disengages NAV, not engages/disengages AP
- GTC indications on tablet changed, added to mode strip
- Tablet home page now shows BEEP TRIM positions
- Tablet home page has BEEP TRIM soft buttons for those without key bindings
- Adjust HDG/NAV tracking
- Fix a bug that caused all scroll events to be lost for MFD knobs and brightness knobs
- Track VOR/LOC with NAV mode
- Remove "strut" click points for doors (use only the handle now)
- Remove the vertical seatbelt from the F/O clickspot, so you can click the F/O's door handle
- Add a full screen dialog to the tablet that indicates that the collective has not yet been moved, and which bindings to use
- ALT hold now has a provision for larger angles when further from the setpoint altitude
- Aircraft page will now show doors off as all open
- Remove unused airplane services
- both GTNs to FLIGHT by default now (can still go home for AP)
- Add MANY new hotkeys - see tools\KEY BINDINGS.txt
- Upgrade liveries to 8k: POLICE, NAVY, SAMU, SKY HEALTH
- Partial fix for VR Focus / zoom
- Enable 2x GTN750 (and all other maps)
- Remove collective lock
- Fix bug with NR HI during autorotation

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