Airbus H135 v0.93 is now up on

Hi everyone! Airbus H135 v0.93 is now up on! If you haven’t already, please give us a 5 star review!

- Fix APCP inverted emissive button text
- Fix doors-off text in AIRCRAFT page
- Minor flight model tweaks around torque and power
- Rotor brake is hidden by default (AIRCRAFT page to turn it on)
- Speculative "replay mode" toggle added
- Sun visor/shades will be OFF by default when starting a flight at night
- Screen brightness will be dimmer when starting a flight at night
- Removed unused knobs on overhead panel
- Removed MISC page / baggage "camera"
- Removed other pages on CAPT MFD only
- Adjusted textures for copper on rotor mast, and door handle position against the hull
- Cleaned up AIRCRAFT page visuals
- Enabled AIRCRAFT page on lower MFDs (GTNs) again
- Parts should no longer flicker when in the hangar
- Adjust TRQ so 2x69 has more power
- Adjust ICAO and other config designators to play more nicely with Volanta etc

DownloadAirbus H135 Helicopter Project